Welcome to Pi and Mash

Pi and Mash is a Mashed Library unconference day of workshops and conversation for people interested in doing fun stuff involving libraries and technology.

The day will include practical workshop sessions for various ranges of technical ability, as well as seminars and discussions. Find out more about our programme.

When and where?

Pi and Mash will be held on Saturday 9th August 2014, hosted in central London at Senate House Library, University of London. More on venue and travel information.


Tickets are now available, and are free. Register now via the Pi and Mash Eventbrite. If you missed a ticket, add yourself to the Eventbite waitlist as we will be releasing additional tickets as and when we can on a first come, first served basis.

Travel bursaries

We are very to offer a number of travel bursaries for participants and attendees to Pi and Mash! More details and criteria for bursariesApplications for bursaries are now closed.

Bursaries are made possible by our generous sponsors at Research Libraries UKSt George’s, University of London, and Imperial College London.

Social Media

Pi and Mash is on Twitter at @mashlib2014 and #piandmash.

Your hosts

You can contact us at info@piandmash.info. Pi and Mash is organized by:

  • Ka-Ming Pang (St George’s, University of London)
  • Simon Barron (University of London)
  • Andrew Preater  (Imperial College London)

Mashed Library

Mashed Library events connect librarians with ideas with people who have the technical and computing know-how to do interesting things with library data and technology. Pi and Mash is proud to be a Mashed Library event.