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Linked data and libraries workshop at Pi and Mash

'linked data' by Flickr user  Elco van Staveren, license CC-BY-SA.
‘linked data’ by Flickr user Elco van Staveren, license CC-BY-SA.

We’re pleased to announce Pi and Mash will feature an invited speaker, Andreas Nareike of Leipzig University Library, who together with Mike Mertens of Research Libraries UK (RLUK) will facilitate a workshop on linked data in libraries.

This workshop will concentrate on use of an e-resource management system based on open source OntoWiki software that is being developed at Leipzig University. More details are on our Workshops and Seminars page.

As organizers we wanted to run a practical workshop as well as providing a theoretical overview. We believe although there is general awareness of linked data theory and concepts among library workers, it is much less clear how to relate this to our professional practice. This comes across in the “What can I do with it?” question several participants have asked us about linked data.

As Pi and Mash covers a broad range of abilities and professional roles we aim for this session to quickly boost practical knowledge of linked data for information professionals, particularly in non-systems roles. We hope this knowledge will be taken back to participants’ institutions allowing them to more confidently engage with future project work on linked data and new challenges in linked data cataloguing.

This workshop is made possible with generous support from RLUK. RLUK see linked data as an important opportunity for libraries and wish to encourage the community to move towards more active and systematic use of linked data.

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