Event write ups and blog posts

Writeups, blog posts, and media

Please share links to your write-ups, blog posts, Storifys, and any media about the day.

You can email us at piandmash@preater.com or use the hashtag #piandmash or mention @mashlib2014 on Twitter.

Workshop slides and materials

Pocket Code – presentation slides from Gary
Meaningful metrics and visualisation tools – presentation slides from Kate
Automated Love – presentation slides and workshop materials from Owen

Session writeups

‘Libraries as Open Access Publishers at #piandmash’ Storify by Penny
‘Meaningful metrics and visualisation for libraries – a workshop overview from Pi and Mash’ by Kate

Blog posts about the day

‘Pi and Mash’ blog post by Nancy
‘Pi And Mash Library Techy Day #PiAndMash’ blog post by Gary
‘Pi and Mash’ blog post by Suri
‘Pi and Mash (Un)Conference, Sat 9th August, #piandmash’ blog post by Danny
‘Reflections on organizing the Pi and Mash conference #piandmash’ blog post by Andrew

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